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Oral Surgery services offered in Alhambra, CA

When you need oral surgery, having a dentist you can trust makes all the difference in your outcome and recovery. Austreberto Albelais, DDS, is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist who performs several in-office oral surgery procedures at Albelais Dental Corporation in Alhambra, California. Whether you need a surgical extraction or an emergency extraction, Dr. Albelais can restore function and beauty to your smile. Call Albelais Dental Corporation or schedule an appointment online now to learn more.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery encompasses any type of surgical procedure that targets the teeth, gums, mouth, or jaw. There are many different types of oral surgery in dentistry, including maxillofacial surgery and implant surgery, but the most common focus is on tooth extractions and root extractions.

Are there different types of extractions in oral surgery?

There are several different types of extraction that Dr. Albelais performs at his office to preserve your oral health. These extraction surgeries include:

Simple tooth extraction

A simple tooth extraction is a relatively quick procedure with a short recovery time and minimal pain. Dr. Albelais recommends a simple extraction when your affected tooth fully erupts through the gum line. This means the entire crown portion is visible to the naked eye.

To perform a simple extraction, Dr. Albelais administers a local anesthetic, which minimizes pain, before loosening the tooth with a dental elevator. Next, he uses dental tools to remove the tooth and its root. You may not even need sutures after the extraction.

Surgical tooth extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is necessary when your tooth doesn’t break through the gum line. Because it’s trapped underneath, Dr. Albelais must make an incision in your gums to remove the tooth. 

Surgical extractions typically require anesthesia to minimize discomfort and help you relax during the procedure. This is particularly common during the wisdom teeth removal process. During a surgical extraction, Dr. Albelais makes a small incision in the gums and removes any pieces of bone blocking the tooth.

Next, he extracts the tooth, often in fragments. Once he removes each piece, Dr. Albelais sutures the gums and packs the area with gauze.

Root extraction

If you’ve already undergone root canal therapy and are still experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, like tooth pain, Dr. Albelais can perform an apicoectomy (root extraction). Like a surgical tooth extraction, this procedure typically requires anesthesia.

After administering anesthesia, Dr. Albelais makes an incision in the gums and lifts the tissue to expose the tooth root. Next, he removes a very small portion of the root tip and makes sure the rest of the root is sealed before suturing your gum tissue. Finally, he packs the gums with gauze.

Why would I need oral surgery?

You may need oral surgery if you experience:

  • Sudden, severe tooth pain
  • Facial swelling
  • Gum inflammation
  • A broken tooth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth trapped beneath the gum line
  • A dental emergency

Emergency extractions are commonly the result of a severe tooth infection, facial injury, or broken tooth. Fortunately, Dr. Albelais performs all extractions at his office for your convenience.

To learn more about oral surgery, call Albelais Dental Corporation or schedule an appointment online now.